Applications and solutions delivered by Andrew Donald Design Engineering include:
  • Welding: from standard manual load welding station to fully integrated inline process, we are experts at robotic welding cells and applications.
  • Machine tendering: Whether it be injection moulding, casting or CNC machining, automated tendering can reduce labour costs, extend production capacity and increase efficiency. Often incorporating quality control, or additional processes such as fettling, trimming or inspecting and testing, we have delivered projects across many segments and can draw on our many standardised components to address your project needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Sorting, quality control and orientation Quality control is always critical and a variety of technologies can be leveraged. Vision inspection and identification, automatic gauges and test systems can all be applied and integrated.
  • Palletising and packaging ADDE has delivered a number of customised high rate palletising systems, including one of Australia’s largest palletisers with 16 robots, 32 pallet stations and 4 pallet shuttles. Every palletising system will have its own unique requirements of product range, mix, rates, patterns and pallets. ADDE can configure solutions optimised to specific needs with unique configurations of conveyors, robots, grippers and pallet handling.
  • Conveyor, sorting and tracking systems Material handling and conveyor systems have been engineered for the reliable management of a variety of products from small plastic parts to large steel assemblies.
  • Assembly and testing systems Our experience with assembly and testing solutions range from high speed Sliver solar cells manufacture to manual manufacturing jigs and fixtures. We have experience with pressure leak testing, continuity, impedance and ‘megger’ insulation testing to high speed vision inspection systems.
  • Adhesives from surface preparation with plasma, corona or flame treatment, to the precision dispensing of adhesives with a robot, ADDE experience with adhesives and sealant covers glass, plastic and steel applications.