Collaborative Robots

One of the most significant development in robotics in recent years is the new class of “collaborative robots” or cobots; machines that can safely operate and interact with people without the need for the cage needed around traditional robots. While these robots are not as fast and powerful as traditional arms they open a whole new opportunity for automation to be deployed into existing workflows.

ADDE is an authorised distributor for Universal Robots, one of the leading manufacturers of collaborative robots. Full details of the Universal Robots range can be found at

With ADDE’s extensive automation experience, 3D printing capability and in-house design and manufacture capability we are uniquely position to deliver collaborative robot solutions for your production needs.

ABB are also active in the collaborative robots field with the unique YuMi double armed robot. With options including servo grippers and integrated vision in the gripper, YuMi can be very quickly ready to go in small assembly operations.

ADDE recently completed an excellent example of a truly collaborative packing operation where a UR5 assists an operator who forms a case on a semi-automatic carton erector before the cobot loads 12 bottles into the case. After sealing, an ADDE Zero Footprint Palletiser completes the operations.