Andrew Donald Design Engineering has served a wide range of industries and tacked many applications. Some of the industries in which we have multiple project experiences include pharmaceuticals, automotive component and assembly, food processing and packaging and general industry. 

We have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and understand the quality, environment and process requirements. We have completed handling, vision inspection, sorting, buffering and packaging systems for a range of products including syringes, vials and ampoules. We have considerable experience in Ampoule finishing processes including Corona surface treatment, pad printing, vision inspection, leak testing, packaging systems and serialisation (track and trace). We have completed projects for clients including:

  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Mayne-Faulding Pharmaceuticals
  • GlaxoSmithKline Australia
  • Hospira Australia
  • Pfizer Australia
  • CSL Limited
With the automotive industry such a significant part of Australian manufacturing, we have built considerable experience across the automotive industry, from tooling and check-stations to welding, assembly. We fully understand the processes required for automotive industry quality control, data recording and traceability. We have completed projects for:

  • Nissan Motor Company, Australia
  • BTR Automotive, Albury
  • BSTG Australia
  • Mercedes-Benz, Germany
  • ARB Corporation Limited
  • Ford Motor Company, Australia
  • Drummond Motor Sports
  • Toyota Motor
  • ARB Corporation Ltd
Food processing and packaging for:

  • SPC Limited Australia
  • George Western Foods
  • Friskies, Australia
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Southcorp Limited
Across a variety of industries, we have consistently applied our solid methodologies and wide experience to address a multitude of tasks. While every automation task is a new challenge, the experience we bring to your project can give you confidence we have what it takes to deliver. Just some of our clients include:

  • ADI Limited
  • PGH Bathurst
  • Pilkington (Australia) Limited
  • Ingersoll Rand, Australia
  • Davey Pumps
  • Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Limited