Zero Footprint Palletiser

Now you can easily automate your end of line palletising with the innovative ADDE Zero Footprint Palletiser. Taking no more space than your existing manual palletising, and with no guarding thanks to the Universal Robots UR 10, automated palletising has never been safer, easier or more economical.

While the UR10 is promoted for palletising and works well with Euro Pallets, it is unable to reach the full volume of an Australian standard (e.g. Chep or Loscam) pallet. By combining a vertical lifting axis and a swing arm system with specialised palletising  software the ZFP can be quickly and easily deployed. You can even move it around with a pallet trolley if needed.

  • 6 case per minute
  • Up to 8 kg boxes
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • No guarding required
  • Fits in existing end of line palletising area
  • Single pallet configuration for minimum footprint
  • Double pallet configuration for automatic pallet changing

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