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Tube Filling with UR3s

This is a dedicated machine for filling a range of tubes with pharmaceutical liquids.

Tube filling with UR3 collaborative robots:

  • Tubes are supplied in both capped and uncapped form.
  • Descramblers present the tube or cap to a position where a Universal Robot UR3 picks up the tube, and dependent on whether it is already capped will either pick up a cap or remove the cap from the tube.
  • The UR3 places the tube under a filling head where another UR3 robot takes hold of it. The first UR3 releases it then gets another tube.
  • Once the tube is filled the cap is screwed back on and the finished tube placed in an out-feed conveyor.

Collaborative robots where used in this application to allow an operator to replenish raw materials of tubes and caps without stopping the machine.

You will notice in the video that when the operator enters the machine area the UR3 robots automatically slow down to a safe speed. Once the operator leaves the machine area they automatically speed up again.

The system includes HEPA filters and laminar airflow to ensure a sterile environment. Bags of tubes and caps need to be opened whilst under the laminar airflow sterile area.