Innovative Automation & Robotics

Our world class team design and build turnkey automation systems to your specific needs.

With extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, food and general manufacturing we will integrate the optimum mix of technology to build innovative and productive solutions.


Most automation solutions today include robotics, from small collaborative robots to big industrial systems. It is always about selecting the right solution for your unique needs.

Special Purpose

Designing machinery is the heart of our culture, with every project a combination of custom design and commercial components integrated into a dedicated and totally customised solution.

Automated Vehicles

Material movements around a facility are a significant cost and risk in most operations. The modern autonomous or intelligent vehicle are flexible, easy to deploy, people-safe and efficient for moving anything from boxes to pallets. 


From simple, minimum footprint end of line palletisers to the largest central palletiser in Australia, ADDE has the experience to design the right solution for your unique production needs.

Packaging & Handling

Cartoning, case packing, assembling, sorting or palletising, ADDE will select the most effective technolgy for your packaging needs.

Vision Systems

Vision systems are typically the basis of quality control in Automation systems. From a basic ‘Smart Camera’ to high speed multi-camera inspection we work with the leading brands of vision equipment.

About us

ADDE is a specialised team of engineers and technicians who design and build custom automation solutions to your specific needs. Founded in 1996 we have an established reputation as an innovative and reliable solution provider.

Our team of mechanical, electrical and controls engineers will work with you from concepts and ideas through to a finished and operating solution. Our job is not done until you are making money with our equipment.

We will draw on our broad experience to select the right combination of technology, from pneumatics to high speed servos and robotics, control & vision systems, conveyors and vehicles all integrated as a single system.

We have extensive experience in pharmaceutical & food manufacturing and packaging as well as general manufacturing.

Our Partners


Our Clients

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