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Automated Guided Vehicles

They go by a variety of names  – Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles, Mobile Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robot – but whatever you call them the latest generation of AGV are revolutionising the way products are moved around a factory.

These people-safe vehicles can carry loads from 100kg to 1,500kg and more all without the need for any fixed infrastructure, meaning they are quickly deployed and can easily adapt to changes and reconfiguration.

OTTO Motors

ADDE are the Australian integration partner for OTTO Motors.

OTTO Motors provides autonomous mobile robots for material handling inside manufacturing facilities and warehouses. With over 3 million hours of driving experience, OTTO is trusted for mission-critical deliveries in the most demanding of industrial environments. Seventy percent of OTTO’s customers are Fortune 500 companies and include some of the world’s most recognized brands, including GE and Toyota.

ADDE offers fully turnkey integration of OTTO Motors autonomous mobile robots within your facility.

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OTTO Motors showcase

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