Innovative Automation & Robotics

Automated Guided Vehicles

They go by a variety of names  РAutonomous Intelligent Vehicles, Mobile Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robot Рbut whatever you call them the latest generation of AGV are revolutionising the way products are moved around a factory.

These people-safe vehicles can carry loads from 100kg to 1,500kg and more all without the need for any fixed infrastructure, meaning they are quickly deployed and can easily adapt to changes and reconfiguration.

The traditional forklift is one of the most dangerous activities in most factories, with the wearing of Hi-Viz vests about the only mitigation strategy on offer. With a range of safety scanners and sensors, autonomous vehicles offer a significantly safer solution while also being more reliable and predictable.

From delivering consumable to a line, transferring WIP or moving finished pallets, the modern autonomous vehicle can open a wide range of productivity and safety improvements to your operations.

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