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AstraZeneca Central Palletiser

ADDE design and built this central palletiser for the AstraZeneca facility in North Ryde, Sydney.

The system collects products from up to 12 production lines then lifts the cases onto a custom designed lifter system and loads them onto a Denipro EasyChain ring conveyor.

The cases are then transferred out of the warehouse on Interroll roller conveyors. A mezzanine floor was constructed to minimize floor space and allow palletising upstairs and pallet finishing downstairs.

Seven UR10 collaborative robots palletise onto cardboard Euro pallets which are transported in custom tables.

Swisslog Carrypick autonomous vehicles (AGVs) provide all pallet movements with dedicated lifts transferring tables between the floors.

Downstairs the pallets are scanned, wrapped, labelled, shrouded with a full cover then strapped with corner protection posts, labelled again before loading onto an out-feed accumulation conveyor.