Innovative Automation & Robotics


Robotics is often at the heart of the systems we design.

Whether it is packing products into cases, lifting heavy loads or palletising, robots are typically a very efficient and effective solution.

ADDE has experience with everything from the latest collaborative robots to heavy-lifting industrial robots.

We are a partner with ABB, Universal Robots and Kuka but we also have experience with Staubli, Fanuc and Motorman.

The most important thing is always to chose the best robot for the required task. Fast, heavy, collaborative and accurate – understand the requirement and select the best solution.

Robot types

It is always ‘horses for courses’ when it comes to selecting the right robot for a task. Speed, accuracy, weight, reach, safety, dexterity, sensitivity … all evaluated to chose the right solution.

Traditional industrial robots are typically built for a specific payload and reach. From small fast 3kg robots up to 1,000kg and more monsters, and from 600mm to 3.5m reach, the mission will be to find the right robot to suit.

High speed robots are specialised robots able to pick and place over 100 parts per minute.

The ABB FlexPicker, a delta-style 4 axis robot, is a leader in high speed picking.

There are also a variety of SCARA style robots which are also very fast.

Universal Robots (UR) are the class leaders in the new category of collaborative robots commonly called Cobots.

ADDE is a certified system integrator for UR and has extensive experience developing systems with the UR range.

Cobots are not the fastest or the most powerful robots, but they can be deployed without traditional guarding or fencing and can be used in applications where they work in close collaboration with humans.

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