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Case Packing & Palletising

This is perfect example of a collaborative robot and human working together at Baxter Laboratories.

In this end of line packing process, a Universal Robot UR5 picks up 12 bottles from an in-feed conveyor and loads them into a carton:

The operator erects the carton then places it in a jig which closes the bottom flaps ready for the robot to load the bottles.

Once loaded, the operator pushes the carton through a taper which then conveys the closed carton to a Zero Footprint Palletiser (ZFP).

The ZFP uses a Universal Robot UR10 to palletise cartons to Australian size pallets. With no guarding required, the ZFP offers a simple, cost effective automated palletising system that will fit within the footprint of your existing manual palletising operations.

Baxter Laboratories is a TGA licensed manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. They offer complete supply services for skin care, sunscreen and topical pharmaceutical products, including:

  • Research and Development
  • Regulatory Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Filling
  • Warehousing
  • Global distribution