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From the smallest collaborative end of line palletiser to the largest central palletiser in the country, ADDE has the experience for all your palletising needs.

Every palletiser solution has to be designed to meet your specific combination of lines, cases, patterns and rates. We will draw on our experience with pallet handling by robot, shuttle, conveyor or vehicle, case sorting and collation, multi-picking, robot on a track and suitable safety guarding to get the best solution.

A central palletiser brings all your cases to a central location and shares the resources of pallet handling and robots to serve multiple lines. The central palletiser makes all your product movement by the case and minimises the safety and ergonomic challenges of moving finished pallets around your facility.

We will have to carefully analyse your product rates and data to optimise the solution. Sometimes this means putting the robot on a track and taking it to the pallet, or it may require multiple robots with each dedicated to one or a few pallets.

Central palletisers typically conclude with pallet wrapping and labelling. We can even apply corner posts or other custom finishing operations when  required.

The simplest palletiser solution is an End-Of-Line system dedicated to palletising a single lines production. This simplifies the product handling processes and is typically best for a realitively high case rate where the robot is well utilised on the single line.

With ADDE’s Zero Footprint Palletiser (ZFP), you can quickly and effortlessly automate your end of line manual palletising.

With no guarding required, the ZFP offers a simple, cost effective automated palletising system that will fit within the footprint of your existing manual palletising operations.

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