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Palletising with UR10s

This central palletiser at AstraZeneca in Sydney uses 7 Universal Robot UR10 robots to palletise products from 12 production lines onto cardboard euro pallets.

The system uses Interroll conveyors to sort and route the cartons and Swisslog automated guided vehicles (AGV) for the pallet movements.

There was 2 main reasons that collaborative robots were selected for palletising:

  1. The UR10 is a very compact robot with good reach and ideal for a Euro pallet. The palletising stations and tables were able to be placed very close together reducing the overall palletiser footprint.
  2. Being collaborative and safe to share the same space as a human, an operator can access the palletising area to work on one palletiser station without having to stop the entire cell. If this was an industrial robot each robot cell would have to be fenced and guarded to give the same safe access.