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AGVs for pallet movements

ADDE designed and built a central palletiser for AstraZeneca in Sydney that uses autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) for all pallet movements.

A mezzanine was installed to allow the UR10 robots upstairs to palletise while the pallets are finished downstairs.

The system palletises onto cardboard Euro Pallets that are moved on customised tables. It uses Swisslog CarryPick vehicles which lift the tables with their integrated lifting system.

The vehicles navigate using markers on the floor around a fixed path. The system is not ‘people safe’, mainly because of the large industrial robots downstairs, so these marker following vehicle are fit for purpose in this application.

The system has 2 vehicles on the mezzanine and 3 downstairs in the pallet finishing operations all under the control of the master fleet management system.