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Case packing & palletising cells

ADDE has delivered the equipment for 14 Blow Fill Seal (BFS) bays at AstraZeneca in Sydney.

Several of these production bays include a case packing and palletising system.

This ABB produced video highlights the features of the robot cell and our strong relationship with AstraZeneca.

The palletising system accumulates cartons into groups of 6. The ABB robot picks up the group of 6 and moves them past a scanner to read the batch code data on each carton for serialisation logging.

Once all of the products are loaded into the shipper the top flaps are closed and taped and a label is placed on the shipper, and scanned for serialisation logging before being palletised.

The ABB robot does all of the operations including shipper erection, carton loading, pallet base placement and palletising