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Zero Footprint Palletiser (ZFP)

ADDE’s Zero Footprint Palletiser (ZFP) allows you to quickly and effortlessly automate your end of line manual palletising.

With no guarding required, the ZFP offers a simple, cost effective automated palletising system that will fit within the footprint of your existing manual palletising operations.

The ZFP is a simple solution for mid-rate production for up to 7 cases per minute at a maximum load of 8 kg, where floor-space is often a constraint. The system can be easily deployed or redeployed across your facility into an existing packaging line without modification, replacing your manual palletising operations in minutes.

The ZFP combines the full functionality of the Universal Robots UR10 collaborative robot, with a purpose designed vertical lifting axis and swing arm system to support Australian Standard pallets (Chep/Loscam).

ADDE’s proprietary palletising software and simple touch screen interface allows quick and easy setup for rapid changeover, and can be configured to suit single or double pallet configuration.

While no guarding is required, operator safety is paramount. If an operator is detected in the carton pickup area the collaborative features of the UR10 will safely reduce the speed of the robot until the area is cleared. The zero pressure accumulation in-feed conveyor will control the flow of product.